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Monday 15th October 2018

Last Wednesday, at least partly provoked by recent low numbers at practices, we set the simulator up and ran it until a little after 7 o’clock before reverting to a normal practice. It gave time for some one-to-one tuition on a silenced bell while others used the simulator itself. Although it was rather brief it has some advantages over holding a session on another day, when people often aren’t available, and I think it will be repeated. Things were made easier because we now have motorbike tyre silencers on the clappers of the front three bells, which are far quicker to deal with than tying the clapper off as we have previously done.

The other bit of news, which may be of little interest to the outside world but is a big deal to us, is that we have finally sorted out the hump in the tower floor and relaid it level with spare pamments. ‘We’ being mainly Dean and Siân, with a bit of help from the tower captain. The relaid area now shows up the unevenness of other parts of the floor but short of relaying the whole thing there’s nothing to be done about that. However the finished job is a huge improvement on what was there before, which was sufficient to be a trip hazard. Another tick on the ‘to-do’ list. Have a look in the gallery for a couple of pictures.


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