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Friday 17th August 2018

The Ellacombe apparatus had its first serious use at last Sunday’s communion service, one where we wouldn’t normally provide a band. It provoked favourable comment from the congregation and left the tower captain with the vague worry that people might find they prefer it to normal ringing, which wouldn’t do at all!

A regular visitor commented on Wednesday how difficult it had become to pull off the 5th bell, making us suspect that its banana-shaped stay is a recent development. We still cannot see any weakness or cracking in the stay but may have to either replace it or fit a block in the slider runner as the bell is now rather too deep-set for comfort.

Wednesday’s practice was one of those when everything seems to be just right. Not too many or too few there, and enough skills to let everyone have a go at what they wanted to do. If only it were always like that!

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