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Thursday 13th June 2019

Now and then someone from out of the area pays us an unexpected visit and yesterday evening was one of those occasions. The stranger was from the north-east, and in the area for a week. His choosing our practice was the result of a chance meeting and we were glad he decided to come and see us. We enjoyed both his company and his ringing and after eighteen months of learning I have to say that he had reached a good standard. We hope he may come back and see us again on a future visit to Norfolk. Other than that we had an uneventful evening, with a good turn-out.

Having reviewed our tower risk assessment the other day one outstanding job came up, and as it has been on the ‘to do’ list for a long while this seemed a good moment to do something about it. This was to make some changes to our rope spider arrangement, as up to now anyone walking into the church during the day could get the ropes down and have a go, though admittedly at the cost of letting half the village know at the same time. So I have replaced the bottom part of the cord that pulls the spider up to the ceiling with a length of light chain, which can be padlocked to a metal loop at the top of the cupboard. This is best described as tamper-proof rather than secure but in truth there is only so much you can do. The door to the tower stairs has a good lock so access to the belfry would be difficult, and having an ad hoc go at bell ringing would attract rather a lot of attention. The cord was replaced at the same time, simply because the old one had been place for a long while. A snag arose, which was that the weight of the chain was enough to stop the spider being lowered when it had no ropes on it, and this was fixed by making a new, heavier one and fitting it with its own short length of chain to counterbalance the piece on the other end. So that’s another job ticked off. The list does actually seem to be getting shorter.

The belfry, clock room and stairs have had a spring clean. This year it was way easier than the last time, and with the benefit of a vacuum cleaner it didn’t take long.


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