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Thursday 15th August 2019

Yesterday evening’s practice was one of our smallest of the year so far. After spending some time having a catch up we did some ringing on four bells and then when one of our regular visitors arrived we managed five. We had a good go at plain hunt doubles without a cover, then minimus and finally plain hunt on three. There was a feeling that plain hunt on three was actually the most difficult to strike accurately and we had some fun trying to get it sounding good. So, as ever we managed to get something useful out of our evening. On the walk home it occurred to me that as the high summer period tends to see low turn-outs and cancelled practices it could be a good time for a recruitment drive as there would be more time to give full attention to a learner or two. If so we missed the boat for this summer but maybe next year we’ll think ahead and organise something.

Last Friday we were visited by a group called the Rambling Ringers, who were on the final day of a fortnight’s bell ringing tour of Norfolk. They rang at about seventy towers altogether and I heard them in action briefly at another couple of towers as well as ours. They were a sociable and eclectic party and produced some excellent ringing. To give a flavour of it I made a short video, which you can view if you click on ‘Rambling Ringers’ in the sidebar.


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