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Thursday 9th September 2021

We are now back to normal in the sense that we have resumed our previous service ringing pattern and have returned to weekly practices. Sadly our numbers are not what they were. We have two band members who for reasons of age and infirmity are no longer able to ring, and it will take time to build up to where we were pre-pandemic. We hope to take on a couple of learners in the course of the next few months as things gradually settle down.

Another piece of good news is that we have new ropes. The old ones had done us well but the tail ends were getting to the point where they would soon have needed a bit of splicing to keep them going. We took the opportunity to upgrade to the newer zero-stretch ropes and the early indications, having had them in for a few days, are that the springiness we used to have with the old ropes has disappeared. This is particularly noticeable on the bigger bells and will make change ringing far easier.

Potential visitors should note that out of consideration for those who are clinically vulnerable or who have spouses who are, we continue to wear masks and sanitise hands for practice.

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