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Tuesday 15th September 2020

After a two month gap I finally have something to report, which is that, like many other towers, we are ringing again. Having carefully measured the spacings between all our ropes we established that it is possible to ring the 2nd, 4th and tenor whilst complying with the current 2 metre rule. Our ground floor ringing chamber is not enclosed and with that, the two metre spacing and sensible use of masks and hand sanitiser, we now feel able to do some limited ringing, with the blessing of our new rector.

Of course there are drawbacks to this, and not simply the fact of only being able to ring three bells. The most significant is that the one-person-per-rope proviso prevents some of the band from ringing. We have several ringers who through inexperience, age or physical limitations cannot ring our heavyish bells up [down is less of a problem]. As one-to-one tuition, or indeed practice of any sort, is not allowed, I cannot give our newer ringers intensive tuition in ringing up and down. However we have four band members who can ring up, continue for fifteen minutes and then let the bell down unaided and that is enough for what we need. It’s just frustrating for those who would like to take part and cannot.

Looking further ahead, we hope to have a long and close relationship with our new rector, Paul Cubitt, who has just taken up his post in the Dereham Team Ministry. Revd. Cubitt is an experienced ringer and currently president of the Norwich Association. I suspect that he currently has more important things on his mind than ringing but when finally we get back to something closer to normal it will certainly be a bonus to have him as our rector.


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