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Thursday 15th November 2018

Anyone wondering why three blog posts have appeared here in the space of four days can relax; I can’t keep this output up for very long without running out of things to say.

Yesterday evening’s practice was another good one. I think everyone ‘had a go’ at something and we kept at it right through to the end so no one should have felt deprived of rope time. Our youngest ringer is doing the Learning the Ropes scheme and we are picking off items in the checklist for his level one. We have reached the point where the main things we need to deal with are ringing up and down and standing at hand and back stroke. In the push to get as much practice time in as possible ready for 11th November, ringing up and down had been pushed to one side. But it is now becoming a priority and shouldn’t cause too many problems. We all had a go at standing at hand and back last night and Owen went on to stand at hand stroke eight times in a row [he needs to be able to do ten]. This was a very good effort and we will be pursuing this in future weeks. Back strokes will be more of a challenge and we may have to provide him with a box or further lengthen the rope on his bell.

We rang a couple of touches of PBD, the second of which admittedly went wrong just before it came round, but we were nevertheless all happy with our progress. Right at the end of the practice we tried some plain courses of Grandsire, with reasonable success, and I hope this may become a regular thing, perhaps along with Reverse Canterbury. As ever, we are heavily dependent on our regular and occasional visitors, without whom these thing wouldn’t be possible, but with their support our own skills are gradually improving.

The church has its new heaters, including one in the ringing chamber, which was handy last night, even though it wasn’t particularly cold. The area between the back pews and the tower arch, which is where people tend to be when they aren’t ringing, is a space which isn’t well covered by the heaters, they being aimed principally at warming those sitting in the pews. Whether this will be a difficulty for us in very cold weather remains to be seen. Of course it may provoke a renewed enthusiasm for doing as much ringing as possible, if the tower proves to be the warmest place. We’ll soon know.



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