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Monday 13th July 2020

Yesterday Scarning church had its first service since the lockdown began. It was a lay led prayer service, with no hymns. The lack of hymns was because the Church of England feels that singing poses a risk, though I think that any increased risk over that of simply attending is probably minimal. The fact of it being lay led was due to the lack of a member of clergy or lay reader to officiate, and all being well we will have our turn with a proper service in weeks to come. We had a congregation of ten, which was encouraging in the circumstances and we hope there will be regular services from here onwards.

There was no bell ringing, though we did have the benefit of the Ellacombe chimes. It seems that some towers rang yesterday, with various precautions in place including ringing alternate bells to preserve social distancing. For the moment we will bide our time and see how things develop. Things are likely to go one of two ways; either the infection rate will continue to drop away, or we will have a second surge. In either case it will give us an indication of what to do next.


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