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Thursday 10th January 2019

One problem that goes with the early start time of our practices is that visitors, even regular ones, tend not to be there right at the start. In any case the first half-hour, from 6.30 to 7 pm, is really prioritised for learners and there can be either a lot going on or very little, depending on who is around. Yesterday evening our two learners were away and we spent most of that first thirty minutes chatting. Then some more people arrived and suddenly we were in business. We did a couple of lots of call changes, more for warming-up purposes than anything else, and then went on to other things. The ‘other things’ were some plain hunt, followed by Reverse Canterbury and finishing up with Plain Bob Doubles. Reverse Canterbury is a normal item on the menu in many towers but for us it is a new thing, and it wasn’t familiar to some. The good thing about it, of course, is that it’s so similar to Plain Bob, and provided the 3rd and 4th bells get their start right it’s easy enough to ring a plain course. We’ll tackle the bobs another time. One of the band, who is getting to grips with Plain Bob, rang it on the 3rd before switching to the 5th, which was unfamiliar to him. Even though you are ringing the same thing from a different start this can be a challenge and it underlines the importance of not sticking rigidly to one bell. Once he’s had another turn or two we’ll try a touch unaffected. Another of the band will shortly be attending a Plain Bob Doubles course at MRDC and it will be interesting to see how this works out. I think that courses of this sort will be a regular thing there and it could be a valuable way of bringing new skills back to our own tower.


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