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Monday 9th November 2020

Almost another two months have elapsed since I last posted here, and there have been further developments, although they weren’t ultimately the ones we were hoping for.

Ringing three bells for services had been going on without problems, apart from a couple of occasions when we were reduced to two people, but rang anyway just because we could. There were some hints coming from the direction of the CCCBR that the spacing between ringers might in due course be reduced to one metre instead of two. That was very encouraging as it would have meant we could ring the front five.

Having now got a way of making our rope spider secure, we talked to our incumbent and he agreed that it would not be unreasonable to leave the bells up, which we don’t normally do, and this would have made it possible for one or two others to participate, who don’t ring up either through inexperience or lack of physical strength.

So it was all looking hopeful, until of course we went into the second lockdown. In common with other churches we now have no services until December, and no ringing.

There was one bright spot though, which is that we were allowed an outdoor Act of Remembrance at the war memorial in the churchyard. Along with that we had permission for one person to toll the tenor bell prior to the ceremony, and I was the lucky one, and had twenty minutes of ringing. It proved to be quite hard work since to ring it slowly I needed to get the bell right up to the balance on both strokes. Anyway, all went well and the ringing was appreciated by a group of 39 people who attended.

Plans for Christmas are on hold and there seems little point in looking that far ahead until we have more idea of how things stand, and in particular whether the lockdown ends or will be extended, as has been threatened.

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